Hildinger Engineering, Automation, and Technology started as a result of my own home renovation project.  As a mechanical/aerospace engineer by education, and having spent a dozen years of my life in the aircraft air conditioning business at Enviro Systems, I knew that:
  1. Most people get by with mediocre air conditioning systems, and
  2. A little bit of work could make things a lot better.
As I told Tom and Gary at Southern Renovations, "I probably am putting more time into my air conditioning than your last 20 customers combined."  Well, we were on a tight schedule and I hadn't done residential HVAC before, so we still didn't get everything quite right, but I did come out of it knowing what to do next time, and I started helping Tom and Gary get things right on their projects.

I provide engineering services to local Lake Highlands builders, primarily in design and integration of HVAC systems, home networking, home theater, and home automation.  Your builder "has a guy."  Get a better one (me) and get things right.

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