Saturday, May 9, 2015

Setting Up a Minecraft Server on My Synology Rackstation 814+ NAS

Update: I will be maintaining the following page with the most up to date information:


At some point I need to do a writeup on the Rackstation 814+ itself and what all it can do (which is a lot), but today I'm doing a quick post on setting up a basic Minecraft server.  The Synology "DSM" software (basically a customized Linux) allows installation of various packages.  It turns out, someone had created a Minecraft server package, but the package was out of date:

There were pages and pages of comments and I was able to install the package and get it up and running, updated to the latest version, but that seemed like a lousy solution, so... I started with the package provided and created my own, and put it on Github, where other people can contribute to it.

First, if you're just looking to install the package, you can install it from my repository server.

  1. You'll have to install Synology's "Java Manager" first, which is under "Utilities" in Package Center in DSM 5.x.
  2. In the DSM Control Panel, go to User, Advanced, and check "Enable User Home Service."[Added this information 7/1/2015]
  3. After that, go settings and "Package Sources" and set up a new source from this URL:
  4. After that, under "General" you'll have to set your server up to accept "any publisher," and you should see the Minecraft server under "Community.

It should install and start without problems.  Now you have a functioning single world server running on your Synology box and you can start figuring out how to admin it.  There's also a craftbukkit install, but it seems to be a dead end for Minecraft server administration.

Now, if you have issues, the Github project is at:

The repository I'm using can be found at:

Also, my fork is at:

As of 5/9/2015, my version works a little better than the master, but hopefully that will change when the project accepts my pull request for the updates I made.

Help make the world a better place by contributing code.

5/29/2015 Package version 017 is Server 1.8.6
6/27/2015 Package version 018 is Server 1.8.7
8/12/2015 Package version 019 is Server 1.8.8
8/15/2015 Package version 020 corrects 2 issues: deleting old .json whitelist/ops files on upgrade, and log files unavailable from the DSM package manager.
1/1/2016 Package version 021 is Server 1.8.9, reduces RAM usage for many boxes with 2GB or less RAM.  Attempting to address some issues people are seeing with RAM, but it will impact performance a little bit.

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